Permissions Negotiation



Infringement can be a costly mistake, even if it is done unintentionally. The Permissions Group, Inc. specializes in the negotiation of text and photo rights for the use of copyrighted material in and for all media. Following is a brief outline of our services:




  • Review manuscript to identify what requires permission
  • Determine Fair Use and/or Public Domain material
  • Customize request letter to client specifications to obtain necessary rights for each project
  • Contact grantors using our comprehensive proprietary databases
  • Actively manage projects to meet client’s deadline
  • Review each grant of permission or contract for accuracy and completeness
  • Provide comprehensive Status Reports throughout project 
  • Provide credit lines in client-specified format
  • Return files to client at the end of the project with all supporting documentation
  • Customize our services to fit client needs managing projects from 2 permissions to 2,000