Who We Are


The Permissions Group, Inc. (TPG) has been in business since 1990 providing comprehensive copyright consulting. TPG negotiates the rights to use copyrighted materials in text and trade books, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, e-books, internet-based products and other media on behalf of publishers across the world.  In addition, we administer the granting rights for clients including Tribune Content Agency, LLC and Tribune News Service.


  • TPG has extensive experience in both text and photo permissions
  • We offer granting services as part of our consulting portfolio
  • TPG manages projects using custom software
  • We review manuscripts, including quotes, to determine Fair Use and Public Domain
  • Our staff is skilled in the use of various client-specific rights management systems
  • TPG has experience with the larger granting services such as Copyright Clearance Center, Rightslink, and PARS International.
  • We have the capability to manage Spanish Language projects